Blackberry Time

Now that the summer harvest is hitting its peak, there are some familiar items showing up in our shares.  I confess that I’m a little bit relieved to see eggplant and squash. These,… Continue reading

A cup of raspberries

Getting back on the writing track after a long vacation is hard.  Trust me, I’m a writing teacher. I know this. In fact, it’s almost as hard as getting back into the kitchen… Continue reading

Beet Red

Week 4’s share finds us preparing for vacation so we’re glad there are a lot of lettuces in there. Not only does it make dinner pretty quick and fairly painless, it’s a healthy… Continue reading

Rhubarb’s End

For one of our choices this week, we opted for one last round of rhubarb.  I never thought of it as something I’d miss, truth told.  If I ever thought of it at… Continue reading

The Greens

I grew up in the south.  Well, Texas, which explains at least a little bit about why I’m good with tamales and clueless when it comes to a big bunch of greens.  And… Continue reading


Whoa, I missed a post or two there.  See, I’ve been making strawberry jam, syrup, and sauce for the last week and it seems to have inhaled all of my spare time.  I… Continue reading

Week 2: Of Strawberries and Arugula

We did a pretty good job of using everything in our first basket, with the exception of all of the lettuce.  Even with a good-sized salad each night, there was too much for… Continue reading

Rhubarb, Oh Rhubarb

I’d never even eaten the stuff before this past week but some strange attraction made me buy a bunch of rhubarb at the farmer’s market.  At the farmer’s suggestion and with some suggestions… Continue reading

Our First Share

We arrived at our pick-up point (the local Unitarian Church) last night at 6:15 with no idea what to expect. We knew we were in the right place because of the big farm… Continue reading

Accidental Locavores

We didn’t plan to become locavores. A while back our small family moved from the suburbs of Flint, Michigan to upstate New York, right in the heart of farm and wine country. It… Continue reading